Almost Daylight Robbery

Our son arrived today so we set off around the sights again. It turned out to be quite an eventful morning. Luckily The Reunification Palace is closed on Sunday so once again I was spared crawling through tunnels and the rest of the sights are in easy walking distance of each other.

After the Opera House

Opera House Saigon


and a visit to a photographic display of the two wars of independence firstly against the French then the “invaders ” from the USA which shows iconic pictures like this one of the Viet Cong entering Saigon

Viet Cong Take Saigon


We decided to walk up to the parliament building halfway there a guy on a motor bike parked on the pavement started it as we approached him and began along the pavement. As he came towards us he smiled and we started to smile back. Then as he passed he lent over and grabbed Geraldine’s gold necklace. He clearly hadn’t tackled a girl from County Durham with Yorkshire blood before . People don’t steal things from them. She grabbed the necklace and hung on. He gave up and raced off down the road. She was left with long scratch marks on her neck but still hanging on to the necklace though the clasp broke.

Two years ago in Bang Saray in Thailand a couple of guys on a motor bike tried for her handbag. Again she hung on and I hung on to her. The pillion guy faced with falling off let go. They never learn do they.

We got to the parliament building and then retired for a medicinal beer

Pariament Buildin Saigon


regulars will remember that the Vietnamese for 3 is ba and that the local beer is 333. With three of us at the table for the beer I was finally able to say ba, ba ba ba . Ah the joy !

Not many of you are old enough to remember the singer and disc jockey on Radio Luxembourg Sam Costa but I do. Now in Thailand there used to be a local beer called Koster and three in Thai is pronounced sam so again such delight in asking for ….

Little things please little minds, I know.

Finally farewell to David Coleman the great BBC commentator who died yesterday. Not many of you will know that he was a life long Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter as I am. The club owes him a big debt of gratitude as in the 1980’s he led the ” Save our Wolves” campaign as the club lurched for  financial crisis to financial crisis and looked like going under.

He was also famous for his gaffes which Private Eye the satirical magazine termed Colemanballs. One I loved was his remark when covering  the 1976 Montreal Olympics: “and there goes Juan Torena down the back straight, opening his legs and showing his class.” and another “That’s the fastest time ever run, but it’s not as fast as the world record.” Classics.



One thought on “Almost Daylight Robbery

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